County Commission to Discuss Sending Subpoenas at Next Meeting

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Knoxville (WVLT) While we all wait for the judge's ruling in the Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit case, the county commission is meeting tonight in a special session.

What they're doing could drastically effect not only the commission but the future of county mayor Mike Ragsdale.

The meeting started at 5:00, and Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has the latest.

What the commission is doing may be setting the stage for more legal battles.

While the focus for many is on the Sunshine Law case, another battle is being waged.

The commission is reviewing a travel audit report of the office of county mayor Mike Ragsdale.

One commissioner says others on the commission seem ready to damage the mayor as much as possible and may even try to get him ousted out of office.

Still the commissioner says that even if there is such a move it may not lead to the immediate removal.

Larry Smith, 7th district says, there's things we can do and things we can't do as commissioners and that's what we're going to be told when the law director tells us. We're not a prosecuting body, if it needs to go to court, it will go to court. So we'll just wash our hands of it and pass it along to the court and let the judge decide."

Commissioner Smith is not one calling for the ouster of the mayor.

He says this process should be about looking at the audits of all departments to save tax payer money rather than using audits as a political tool.

But as we've seen in this process and the Sunshine Lawsuit, politics are never very far from the surface.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt we'll have much more on tonight's meeting coming up at 11:00.

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