Parents Angry Over Pictures of Knox Teacher on Several Websites

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Knox County (WVLT) - Some Inskip Elementary School parents are outraged after questionable pictures of one of their childrens' teacher were revealed on internet web sites, apparently with the teacher's approval.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis was at the school today and has more details on the story you will only see on WVLT.

School officials sent a letter home with students today about the photos. You can read the letter by clicking the link above.

The parents are upset and want something done about the pictures and the teacher.

Knox County School administrators say they are investigating the case.

Some partially nude pictures of 28 year-old Melinda England appear on websites like and

Some of her blog entries also talk about her prescription drug use and her "wild" students.

"I think that's horrible, someone like that at school that's still here," said parent Angela Smallin.

School officials are aware of the pictures and say they are only in the investigation stage.

"There's nothing to indicate she's done anything inappropriate with the students," said Knox County School Spokesman Russ Oakes.

Oaks goes on to say like everyone else, teachers have first amendment rights.

But a Tennessee law says they must display appropriate behavior.

At least one school board member says he is not objecting at this time.

"This would make me raise my eyebrows but not call police or freak out as a parent," said board member Indya Kincannon.

But, parents whose little ones go to Inskip Elementary feel differently.

"It's bad, it shouldn't happen, shouldn't do that kind of thing," said parent Pat Hardaway.

Now, it's up to the superintendent to decide if Ms. England has crossed the line with the pictures.

If the superintendent believes a teacher has acted in an unprofessional manner, he may take any action from a verbal reprimand to termination.

On the advice of her attorney, England declined to comment at this time.

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