Scalping To Shields-Watkins

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- How much would you pay, for a seat at the game?

We know the price posted on the ticket, but we also know that doesn't mean much when you're playing an SEC rival.

Many object to it, but believe it or not, ticket scalping is legal in Tennessee.

Saturday at Neyland Stadium saw a flurry of passionate fans, all fired up about the big Georgia verse Tennessee game.

Bulldog and Vol fans alike were revved and ready for anything, even the ticket prices.

Plenty of scalpers had tickets and the Orange and White's winning ways means plenty of fans are having to shell out the cash.

"Today's really good," said Jonas Minhinnett from Southeastern Tickets. "Tickets are a hundred and up. It's a surprise because we're two and two."

For the past twenty years, Minhinnett has been keeping score of the spending habits of Vols fans and foes alike.

"This is the one game of the year that if you wait until kick-off, you're going to have trouble," he said.

Scalpers yelling the work "tickets" was common before game time.

It happens to be a query Mitchell Pack has been posing since he was nine.

"We provide a service," pack said of his fellow scalpers. "Once the box office sells out and you want to see the fifty yard line even though nobody else has got them, you come to us."

Of course there are other options, but using auction sites like eBay don't save you much from the street price.

"Ticket scalpers are out here they try to jack the prices up," said one fan who bought his tickets on eBay. "I'd rather come to the game, guaranteed I have tickets to the game."

Yet there might be more skill involved in the wheeling and dealing than you think.

"It's a haggle back and forth," Minhinnett said. "It's like a flea market."

We asked Mitchell Pack how his voice holds up after pitching tickets for hours over more than twenty seasons.

He says it's a blast.

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