ONLY ON WVLT: Eric McLean Worried about Missing Children

Knoxville (WVLT) - Accused murderer Eric McLean was supposed to spend the weekend visiting with his children, but the two young boys are still nowhere to be found.

Volunteer TV's Court Reporter Rob Pratt has the exclusive interview with McLean about the situation.

Eric McLean is charged in the March murder of his wife's alleged teenage lover.

McLean and his attorney came to our studios to talk about his missing children.

Last week, a judge issued an order giving Eric McLean visitation time with his eight and eleven-year-old sons.

But McLean's wife, Erin had other ideas.

She and the children left Nashville and disappeared about a month ago.

Eric McLean says a family e-mail sent a couple of weeks ago gives him reason to believe that Mrs. McLean the kids may be in San Francisco, California with a man she'd met on the internet.

In spite of previous assurances from Mrs. McLean's attorney, Eric McLean says his past experiences leave him with little confidence that the children are safe.

"You just feel helpless and they really need me. I love them and they need me. They love me and she is keeping us apart," said Eric.

Eric McLean is also supposed to spend a weekend with his sons later this month.

But, right now he says he'd just like to know that they are safe.

He is set to go to trial for murder January 14th.

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