School Board Investigating Internet Pictures of Knox County Teacher

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County School Administrators will decide if an Inskip Elementary teacher has violated state codes. This after semi-nude pictures of the teacher are posted on the Internet.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has been following this story and has the latest.

This has become a heated debate in the community. A number of comments can be read right here on The big question facing school officials, did Ms. England show immorality in posting her photos on the web?

Administrators continue their investigation of these questionable photos of Inskip Elementary School teacher Melinda England. England has a number of semi-nude photos of herself posted on publicly accessed websites. Has she done anything wrong? Public opinion is divided. Kerri from Knoxville writes to "Give her a break. Teachers have a right to their private lives just as well as anyone else and as long as she is not doing anything towards her students, then people should mind their own business and leave her alone. Elementary school kids should not be allowed to access websites like Myspace anyways. Maybe the parents need to be better parents."

Teachers are entitled to their First Amendment rights to self-expression like the rest of us, but attorney Rick Hollow says our constitutional rights are not without limits.

"You can think of Constitutional rights as minimum standard, and we may be held individually to higher standards because we take on a certain responsibility to ourselves or society as a whole," Hollow said.

That we are essentially governed by the guidelines of the profession we choose. Which brings forth the argument, should a teacher, considered a role model to students, be posting semi-nude photos on the internet? Kimberly of Knoxville weighs in: "Yes, as a human Ms. England has "rights," but she chose to put herself in a role (teacher) that is supposed to set a good example to young people. It's a question of using good judgment. If she can't understand/draw the line at exposing herself on the Internet, will she be able to use good judgment in day to day activities in the classroom?"

In the end, the Knox County School Administration will use the Tennessee Code Annotated Title 49, Section 5 to determine if England displayed immorality or conduct unbecoming a teacher.

Again, the Knox County School Administration will have to make a decision about whether to take action in this case.

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