Neighbors Concerned Over Church Expansion

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Farragut (WVLT) -- If you live near the First Baptist Concord Church in Farragut, chances are, you feel the strain of traffic all day on Sundays and every Wednesday night.

The church is waiting for approval on a two phase expansion plan, but some neighbors and church leaders are concerned about the expansion.

Right now there is just undeveloped land that could soon be filled with buildings if Concord gets their wish and expansion plans are granted.

Neighbor Emma Tobler has lived on Bellaire Drive for nearly 40 years.

She hasn't sold her house to First Baptist Concord, but a lot of her neighbors have.

“I don't like it,” she exclaimed.

Tobler explained that since it was build, the church has increased traffic so much that last Wednesday it took her 7 minutes to get onto her road from Kingston Pike.

“That's a long time to sit in traffic to get onto your street,” she said.

“Growth isn't about the building,” said Jennifer Lasater, Director of Guest and Member Services at First Baptist Concord, “it's about the people who minister in our community.

But they also give back to the community with several programs including Water Angels, a program that gives water for the homeless and Mission of Hope for underprivileged children.

“When we know there's a need, we address it because we know that it’s what these ministries do,” Lasater said.

First Baptist Concords three new buildings will house a preschool and children’s building with classrooms, student facility with a gym, a common gathering area, bookstore and administrative offices.

The planning commission has asked for the remaining five phases of the project before making a decision.

They also still have one more hope according to the board.

“Share ideas and develop a plan all parties can agree and live with,” said Robert Hill, of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission.

Until then Emma Tobler has a wish of her own.

“I'd like to see nothing happen,” she said. “I'd like to see it stay the way it is,”

The Town of Farragut is holding their regular meeting on Thursday night, where residents can voice their concerns about any issue.

A week later, planning commission will hold a meeting on First Baptist Concord.

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