Knox County Child Undergoing Dialysis After E. Coli Infection

Knoxville (WVLT) - Two Knox County children are now at U.T. Medical Center after they contracted the E. coli virus.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis spoke with the childrens' father.

Jim McDonald did not want to speak on camera but told us his two children, four year-old John and 18 month-old Michaela both ate Cargill Brand beef patties from West Knoxville's Sam's Club on September 27th.

He says a few days later they became sick with fever, cramps and bloody diarrhea.

Those are all common symptoms of e-coli.

Both children were taken by medical helicopter from Children's Hospital to U.T. Medical Hospital this afternoon.

McDonald says four year-old John has to undergo kidney dialysis.

Michaela does not need dialysis, but is listed in serious condition.

Dr. Joe Childs from Children's Hospital told the family they believe the children will make a full recovery.

"They're doing well, considering both kids have illness and are coping with that," he said.

McDonald says another friend who also consumed the Cargill Brand patties experienced the same symptoms but was never hospitalized.

He is currently being tested for E. Coli.

The Knox County Health Department confirmed a third case of E. coli, but says it's unsure if it's related to the beef patties.

Jim McDonald said he is angry with Cargill over the contaminated beef but is happy with the service they've received from West Knoxville's Sam's Club.

For details on the recent beef recall, click the link below.

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