Crossover Knoxville Hits The Streets

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- As fall sets in, a group of church members is making sure East Tennessee's homeless are clothed for the cold and fed in the spirit.

"Crossover Knoxville" calls it street-reach evangelism.

The project was run by Knoxville's Water Angels Ministries.

Their supplies are certainly not without limits, but the love is enough to carry on through.

"I'm down here getting t-shirts and getting some food," said Glen, one of Knoxville's less fortunate

One whose plight sometimes goes unnoticed.

"It makes a big difference," he said of Crossover Knoxville, "especially when you're hungry, you work all week and you don't have money for something to eat."

But on Saturday, a light of warmth and compassion shines in the fall air.

"We're just trying to meet some physical needs as well as preaching and christian music," said Stephanie Mitchum, from Water Angels.

Crossover Knoxville is a collective effort of Baptist churches throughout the city.

The effort includes hundreds of the less fortunate getting the chance to stock up on winter clothes along with plenty of food for nourishment and a chance to improve hygiene.

It's a helping hand that can turn the jobless into the gainfully employed.

"I got a pair of blue jeans and a pair of tennis shoes," Glen said. "That enables me to get a job."

Even those once in need, heed the call for help.

"I'm a New Orleans evacuee from the Katrina storm," said Mark Stewart. "I've been out here since September 2005 and pretty much, Tennessee's been good to me."

Hope and survival and in Mark case, a guide to his new life in East Tennessee.

"Mrs. Stephanie, she's been bringing us to get state id's and birth certificates, he said. "She has been bringing us to the food stamp office."

Aid allowed him to follow a new path and it helps bring others back from the brink of life's hardships.

"I'd be out on the street in the cold, that's why I'm at the mission right now," Mark said. "Thank God I found an apartment and I should be moving in it pretty soon once they pass the inspection."

The ministry believes it helped more than 400 people on Saturday.

For more information on Water Angels, you can click on the link below.

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