Police: Skeletal Remains of Missing Ohio Women Found in Kentucky

LEBANON, Ohio (AP) -- Authorities said today that the two women who have been missing since they set out on a shopping trip from a retirement home in April likely missed their exit and got lost trying to find their way back to Interstate 71.

The skeletal remains of 68-year-old Mary Ellen Walters and 80-year-old Ada Wasson were found yesterday in a hayfield not far from the interstate in northern Kentucky.

Major John Newsom of the Warren County sheriff's office in southern Ohio says a hunter discovered the car in a dry creek bed and the remains nearby.

He says Walters' remains were next to her vehicle, and those of Wasson were about 600 feet away within sight of the interstate.

Newsom says the women weren't found despite an extensive search in that area because the field hadn't been used in several years.

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