UT Students Receive Honor After Preventing Purse Snatching

Knoxville (WVLT) Two UT students were honored Tuesday for their heroic action, after catching two would-be purse snatching suspects.

University of Tennessee police say Scott Boughton and Ryan Copeland are more than deserving of the "Service to Law Enforcement" awards they received this morning.

On October third, Boughton says he and Copeland saw the suspects try to grab the young woman's purse and knew they had to help.

Boughton says, "I heard her scream, it was a frightening scream and I was kind of the first one to react. We both kind of went for it. He went across the street a little bit faster and we just waited with them until the cops came."

Captain Keith Lambert, UTPD says, "they observed someone who was being victimized and rather than just turning the other way and ignoring the problem, they actually decided to get involved with what was happening."

The suspects are juveniles and their names have not been released.

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