Ethics Committee Recommends Nepotism Policy

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Knox County Commissioners will get a chance to vote on a new nepotism policy for the county, at a special meeting on November 13th.

The Ethics Committee recommended the nepotism policy after a Wednesday morning meeting filled with changes and amendments.

Commissioner Mike Hammond came with several recommended amendments to the policies that were passed today.

The first says no government employee at any level is eligible to serve in an elected position in Knox County government.

That would go into effect in 2010.

Hammond revision also includes the provision that no elected official of Knox County can advocate, recommend, promote, appoint or advance his or her relative to a position within Knox County government.

The more controversial amendment puts a limit on the spending and receiving of all Knox County employees.

"Not being able to accept any gifts over $35, will, i think, help restore some confidence in the public," Hammond said. "They know that their public officials aren't out there living lavish lifestyles at their expense."

The ethics policy is not final, Law Director John Qwings will make provisions over the next couple of weeks and the committee will vote on the final policy on November 8th.

The policy will then be presented to the Knox County Commission on the 13th, to decide if it should go before the public for a vote in august.

Not everyone is happy with these amendments that passed.

We'll hear from those folks tonight at 5:30 on Volunteer TV News.

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