New Health Insurance Plan For Knox Co. Employees

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Knoxville (WVLT) More than 2,000 Knox County employees have a new health insurance carrier, beginning January 1st.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford has more.

The eleven member commission unanimously voted for Cigna Health Care as the new health insurance for all Knox County employees.

But the vote didn't come down until almost an hour after debate about all three insurance options.

The other two being Caritan and Blue Cross, Blue Shield.

The insurance committee researched all three companies extensively over the last year and shared their cost analysis with the commission today, showing Cigna costing a little more this year, but the cheapest under the three year, fixed rate contract.

More than 2,000 Knox County employees will pay a locked in ASO fee of $20 dollars.

Caritan would have been $33.80 and blue cross blue shield would have been $37.52.

The monthly rate for Cigna is also the lowest, at $44,740, Caritan is well over $75,000 and Blue Cross Blue Shield is almost $84,000 dollars.

Larry Smith, a commissioner says, "we came up with the same decision, the same company for the second time, but I was thoroughly impressed with the way you handled it and I appreciate all of the employees for their time. You did a first class job on it."

The commission made sure that if employees are not happy with Cigna's health care service, it can be terminated with ninety days notice with or without reason.

Knox County's finance director says he is confident employees will be satisfied.

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