NEW DETAILS: Five Tennessee Men Nailed in Sex Sting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WVLT) -- Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo says seven men - five of them from tennessee - were nabbed in an internet sex sting over the weekend.

From Thursday to Sunday, a police sting was held in Warren County catching suspected online predators in Kentucky and right here in the Volunteer state.

Forrest Sanders gives us a behind the scenes look at the operation.

"Sheriff's office! down! get down!"

This is one of seven arrests of a suspected online predator this week, at an undisclosed Warren County home.

"put your hands behind your back!"

Five of the men drove in from Tennessee, another from Indiana, and the last commuted from Marshall County, Kentucky.

"on your knees! keep your palms up. keep your palms up!"

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"Once they're arrested at the sting house, they're transported here to the police department," Kentucky Bureau of Investigation Commissioner David James said. "They're taken upstairs and they're interviewed, fingerprinted and processed and then they're taken to the Warren County Jail."

It was a five day sting operation, all monitored from inside the Bowling Green Police Department.

"This particular room is what we call the command post for the operation," said Major Chief Randy Hargis of the Warren County Sheriff's Office. "It's where the coordination for the operation takes place."

And in this room, roughly seventy workers including law enforcement officers, case detectives, and legal review teams, handled the sting operation.

"The staff of the attorney general's office is here, on site, to maintain the highest integrity of prosecuting these individuals when they show up," said Hargis

And while each department specializes in a different area, their intentions are the same: To stop online predators and alert parents of their threat.

"Many parents feel like their children are safe, or they live in Bowling Green, Kentucky or wherever that may be and nothing like that would ever happen to them and those are the children who usually end up victimized," said Bowling Green parent David James.

"Theoretically, we saved seven kids. Hypothetically, we saved one hundred," said Del Harvey of Perverted Justice. His group worked with officers in organizing the sting.

Five of the men were arraigned Monday morning and are now being held on fifty thousand dollars bond.

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