Coach Fulmer, "Defensively We Know We Have To Play Better"

(WVLT) -- Coach Phillip Fulmer says there's a super-big football game to play this weekend.

South Carolina has a very good football team. They've got a good kicker.

They've got a very good return game and kicking game.

Defensively, they're the number-2 scoring defense in the conference. They've got the number-1 pass defense in the league.

Offensively their WR's are very good, and SC's got a dangerous combination with their QB, and their Offensive Line.

SC's also got good TE's which can stretch the field.

Coach Fulmer say Tennessee had a very good Sunday practice. The team realizes they let one get away, but they quickly got behind the bad on Sunday, and look forward to moving forward from here.
Coach Fulmer added the team played exceptional football against GA and MS-State, and it looks forward to getting back into the groove again.

Coach Fulmer says, the team is playing well, doing a heck of a job, and it continues to improve, the team just needs to be more consistent offensively.

Coach Fulmer acknowledged Defensively, the team knows it has to play better, and work-together better.

It's a youthful group, but a talented group.

At times, Coach Fulmer says the Vols have played exceptional football, but it's been a crazy year, and Coach says the team has to become more consistent, so that it can play for and compete for championships.

Coach acknowledged all teams have problems needing to be worked through, every team, does, and the team will work through them.

Coach also said, the highs are highs and lows are lows in this profession, and within the next 35-days left of this football season, Tennessee will work like heck to do as good of a job as it can possibly do.

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