Loudon School Has Cases of Staph

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Loudon County (WVLT) School districts across the country continue to close and disinfect, to try to stop the spread of dangerous MRSA infections among students.

In Loudon County, a few confirmed cases of staph are causing some concern for parents and teachers.

Medical reporter Jessa Goddard has more on what the school district is doing to keep your child safe.

At Highland Park Elementary School teachers monitor their students for proper hand-washing at stations located throughout the building.

The school's janitorial staff is in a constant battle to disinfect any surface that might contain MRSA bacteria and other germs.

Bottles of hand sanitizer seem to be as common as books.

Superintendent Edward Headlee says they simply aren't taking any chances.

"But last week they suspected that there might be a possibility of a staph infection, they never confirmed that it was, but as a precautionary measure, I think they sent a note home to parents."

That note has some parents concerned.

One of many topics being discussed among moms at the Nail Shack just across the street.

Nancy Moore, a parent says, "I think the school here does a very good

Moore's daughter is a student at Lenoir City High School.

She says it's a parent's responsibility, as much as the school's, to teach children good hygiene.

"You start when they're small, before they even go to school. And of course, when they get to school, kids are going to be kids, but as they get older, they have to take care of themselves."

Superintendent Headlee says with only a few confirmed cases county-wide there isn't yet real cause for concern.

"If it becomes a problem, where we start developing several cases in a school, then obviously at that point we'd be sending notification home to parents."

At any given time, about 25 percent of children have staph on their skin, and one percent have MRSA on their skin.

But only a small percentage of those will ever develop a staph or a MRSA infection.