UT Student Beaten, Dragged

Knoxville (WVLT) - It seems that UT students have faced more than their share of crimes this Fall. The most recent Sunday morning when a UT student was assaulted near her home in the Fort Sanders area. Before someone came to her rescue, she did receive some bruises.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has the story.

"My first reaction was to go outside and see what it was. Obviously, it sounded like a girl was in trouble," said the student who came to the girl's rescue.

And she was, but this student's quick response and his calling of 911 likely helped chase away her attackers.

"It's unsettling. You know, it makes me want to keep my guard up," said UT staff member Meredith Martin.

Recently it seems that UT employees and students alike are getting more than their share of "wake-up" calls when it comes to personal safety on campus and near campus.

"It's always kind of scary, because you don't think it's going to happen to you, but then you hear about these incidents and you're like "wow" that could have been me because I was out that night or something like that," student Cameron Tarvin said.

UT Police say Sunday's incident wasn't on campus, but on nearby Highland Avenue.

"But very, very few of the incidents actually occur on campus," UT Police Captain Keith Lambert said. "In the last few weeks, we've had several incidents that have occurred which are really out of the ordinary for the campus area."

Captain Lambert adds that when events like this take place, they draw attention and also create more of a sense of "think safety."

"I wouldn't think about it if the university didn't make me think about it to be quite honest with you," student Emma MacMillan said.

The captain adds that these types of crimes are not frequent to that area, but adds that UT Police have picked up patrols.

"We do look at intensifying patrols and adjusting our patrol areas based on incidents that occur like this," Lambert said.

One UT student told us that personal safety begins with you.

"Although it is a big concern, there's lots of opportunities to protect yourself or to learn how to protect yourself," student Courtney Lilly said.

UT police have posted flyers with a description of the suspect around campus. He is a white male, approximately 25 years of age, around six-feet tall with brown shaggy medium length hair. Anyone with any information should contact the knoxville police department at 215-7450.

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