Tenants Displaced After Small Fire at Knoxville Apartment Complex

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- It wasn't the fire that caused the most damage, but instead, what Knoxville firefighters had to do to get to it and make sure it was out.

Firefighters were called to Greentree Village Apartments on Summit Circle around 11:30 am.

They arrived within three minutes and reported some smoke in a wall of the apartment.

Knoxville Fire Department Captain Brent Seymour says plumbers were making some repairs in a downstairs apartment.

Seymour says it appears they may have been doing some soldering and a pipe got hot causing the smoldering fire.

Firefighters had to tear apart walls in the downstairs apartment and two more upstairs to get to the fire.

Once it was put out, they checked for extensions, a process in which they make sure no fires spread from the main fire.

Seymour says a couple holes had to be cut in the roof as well.

Three of the building's eight apartments sustained heavy water damage in addition to the roof damage.

Residents of those will have to find temporary shelter.

Seymour says the apartment manager was working on that.

The other five tenants can move back in as soon as KUB works out the power situation.

There were no injuries.

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