Painting Pony Raises Money For Disease

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Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) -- It's not uncommon for artists to sell their paintings for charity.

But it is unique to find a pony behind the paintbrush.

His name is Buddy, but you might just call him pony Picasso.

"He's always been a really smart horse, so I figured he would pick it up really quick," said Jessica Drake, who owns the nine year old horse. "At first I would stick a stick in his mouth and taught him to hold it, and then I moved to a paint brush."

Now just two months after taking on his new talent, Jessica's Arab mix pony works on his 35th piece of art.

"I load the brush for him with the paint, and I give it to him," she said. "He holds the brush in his mouth and moves the brush around in the air and on the canvas.

What started out as a hobby for Buddy has now turned into a fundraiser.

The pony was diagnosed with Equine Cushings just two months ago.

"Cushings Disease is a little bit costly to treat and given the fact that he is nine it wasn't fair to him to not treat it," Jessica said.

Buddy's paintings range in price from $40 to $150.

In just one month, the sales have covered the costs of Buddy's medical bills with a portion of the money going toward a research study on the immune disorder at the University of Tennessee.

"It's special just because he is special to me," Jessica said. "The fact that he is able to help other horses through it means a lot to me too."

With each stroke of the brush, comes hope for the pony and others like him.

You can read more about Buddy and view some of his work by clicking on the link below.

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