Container with "Highly Flammable" Liquid on I-40 is Being Investigated

Knoxville (WVLT) - A clean up crew is on I-40, cleaning up a mysterious substance that leaked from a container on to the road.

TDOT got a call around 5:30 Thursday evening of a suspicious container on I-40 east, just west of Asheville Highway. They called the fire department and Haz Mat after they noticed the container had leaked about a pint of a mysterious liquid on to the road. After running the liquid through a specialized meter, fire crews immediately closed two lanes of traffic because of potential hazards.

"The product ID at this time is not known, but based on the readings from the meter, it is a highly flammable liquid material," Knoxville Fire Captain Brent Seymour said.

Firefighters hope the clean up crew will be able to figure out what the liquid is and where it came from. At this time, they believe the container likely fell from a vehicle.

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