Educating Teens on Drag Racing

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Seymour (WVLT) - A local organization is hoping to educate kids in our community about the dangers of drag racing.

Teens Educated Against Street Racing and the 411 Dragway hosted a race night Friday in honor of former Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Lyon and Tabitha Helton, both of whom were killed in traffic crashes.

They hope the event will give at risk teenagers an alternative to racing on the main roads. TEASR officials say they don't have a problem with drag racing as long as it's done in a safe and controlled environment.

"We're all for drag racing. I love it, my wife and kids love it. We just want to try to get the kids in a more safe environment and educate them a little bit, let them know that they have an alternative to racing on the street," said Rob Nokes from TEASR.

TEASR and the 411 Dragway hope to host a similar event every month. They hope to to eventually increase to every other week.

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