Building Playhouses To Save Lives

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Clinton (WVLT) -- The hardships of cancer treatment.

One young Clinton man knows first hand how hard it can be.

The bills are tough to handle and a helping hand is always welcome.

On Saturday it was more like multiple helping hands, combined with hearts, hammers, nails, and a saw.

It was "Make A Difference Day" at the First Baptist Church in Clinton where volunteers spent the day creating a home.

One thing about the home is that even though it isn’t life sized, it just might help save someone’s life.

“After today, we should have two playhouses built for this benefit," said Myles Hebrard, a teacher at Clinton Middle School.

Each play house measures eight by eight and is crafted by caring hands.

It’s builders hope to successfully turn $1,200 worth of lumber and nails in to a possible cure for Scott Whitaker's medical bills.

"He's a young man that has come down with cancer or had his cancer come back," said Mindy Parker, a pre-engineering student, who enjoys the work. "It feels great cause we usually don't get to do stuff like this, unless we volunteer to."

It could be assigned class work for some of the volunteers who happen to be pre-engineering students from Clinton Middle School.

For them it’s a lesson in progress, planning, executing a blueprint and working together in a united effort.

"We've learned how to build houses and work better together with each other," said Parker. "When we hammer, it's easier to do it without people under you, because you don't want to hit them in the head or anything."

Her effort is coordinated by someone who knows her well.

"Last year it took her a 187 hits to get a nail in,” said David Parker, her father, “this year she's down to like 30."

The volunteers are hard workers with devotion, trying to change one life for the better, while in turn, developing skills that will last a lifetime.

"I tell them the best way to learn is by making all the mistakes we can," Hebrard said.

"She always has impressed me,” David said of his daughter, “she can do anything she wants to do."

The pair of playhouses will be auctioned off next Sunday evening at a benefit dinner for Scott Whitaker and his family.

If you'd like to help, call First Baptist Church in Clinton at 865-457-9353.

Or click on the Hot Key.

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