Prepare For Tonight's Frost By Protecting Your Plants

Knoxville (WVLT) -- The freeze warning in East Tennessee and Southeast Kentucky means you need to protect your plants.

The low temperatures can kill crops and other sensitive vegetation.

Monte Stanley with Stanley's Greenhouse tells us you should bring in any potted plants you put outside during the spring, summer, or fall.

If you can, you should also try to cover your annuals to protect them from the frost, which likely won't kill them but can still do some major damage.

“You may want to cover those with some leaves or mulch, you can also use paper,” Stanley said. “Plants like Violas and Pansies can tolerate the frost, so you don't have to worry about covering them.”

Stanley also said to keep a close eye on your plants because they may be suffering from this years drought too.

If so be sure to keep them watered.

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