USC Helping Campus Deal with Deaths of Students in Beach House Fire

Columbia, South Carolina (WVLT/CBS) - A community is still in shock after a weekend inferno claimed the lives of seven college students vacationing at an Ocean Isle Beach house.

Dennis Pruitt, University of South Carolina Vice President of Student Affairs held a news conference to explain how the school and the students are coping with the scope of the tragedy.

"The president of the university, Dr. Andrew Sorenson, did make contact with the families of the individuals we presumed to have perished in that fire. The families were appreciative of the calls," said Pruitt.

Pruitt said in addition to the counselors of various traditional and non traditional denominations, the students and families of the university will come together Monday night in a type of grief-sharing.

"If the families and the students want a memorial service we will have one, pending the confirmation information from authorities on the students," said Pruitt.

Investigators are back at the scene where six University of South Carolina students, as well as one Clemson University student, were trapped inside this multi-story waterfront rental house when the early morning blaze started consuming the first floor, then the second.

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