Houston Brothers Formally Charged with Murder in Deputy Shooting

Roane County (WVLT) - The brothers accused of ambushing a Roane County deputy and his ride-along partner are now formally charged.

Volunteer TV's Court Reporter Rob Pratt has the details on today's arraingment.

Rocky and Leon Houston face first degree murder charges in the shooting deaths of Deputy Bill Jones and Mike Brown in March 2006.

Monday's hearing was supposed to be a simple arraignment on the new three-count murder indictment that replaces the previous indictments that were thrown out.

But, when the Houston brothers appear in court, it seems there are always some unexpected issues to deal with.

The Houstons were brought to court separately with Leon appearing first with his Attorney Jim Logan.

Logan asked that Leon Houston's bond be reduced from $950,000 to $100,000 which the judge ruled can be heard during a hearing in November.

Rocky Houston will also have a bond hearing then but he has some other motions in mind.

Rocky houston also wants to a file motion asking Judge James Buddy Scott to recuse himself for what Houston calls "falsifying documents."

Houston also claims he has the right to represent himself.

Those issues will be resolved in December.

"I feel like I am being very patient with you, but please observe what , am telling you. I don't mind hearing those motions but they are going to be taken up in an orderly way. You are going to do it through your attorney otherwise i'm not taking up motions," Judge James Buddy Scott told them.

In one final twist, the judge granted Houston's motion to allow his private doctor to examine Houston's softball size hernia and apparent complications from gunshot wounds he received in the shoot out.

Because of those health problems, Rocky Houston is being housed in the Knox County Jail.

The Houston brothers are due back in court November 15th for bond reduction hearing.

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