Roundup of Tennessee Prison Escapees

(WVLT) - The Tennessee Department of Corrections has captured several inmates who escaped from custody, some more than 25 years ago.

Agents tracked down six escapees whose crimes include drug charges, grand larceny and forgery.

Helen Lawler, 71, escaped in 1981 from the Memphis Community Service Center. She was captured in Covington, Tennessee and is now in the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville.

Billy Lovingood, 51, escaped from the Knoxville Community Service Center in 1984. Agents captured him in Sweetwater and he's now at the Charles Bass Correctional Complex in Nashville.

James McGaha, 55, escaped from the Middle Tennessee Reception Center in 1974 and was captured in Cleveland, Tennessee. He's also at the Charles Bass Complex.

In 1980, Bramlett Walker, 64, escaped from the Memphis Community Service Center. He was captured in Memphis.

Police captured Larry Payne, 60, in Texas. He escaped the Nashville Community Service Center in 1981.

And Guy Kennison, 51, was captured in South Carolina. He failed to return from a furlough to the Metro Nashville Pre-Release Center.

Some of those captured are pictured below.

The roundup of prison escapees is part of an ongoing investigation called "Operation Clean Sweep," where they are targeting dozens of other escapees.

They say they do expect more arrests.

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