CraigsList Murder Sparks Website Worries

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(WVLT) - A murder linked to a popular website where people can post free advertisements is reinforcing the hidden online dangers of some internet websites.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford has the details.

Police in Minnesota say a 24-year old woman was found shot to death in the trunk of her car, the day after she was supposed to meet someone about a baby-sitting job posting on

On Tuesday, prosecutors charged a 19 year-old man, they say posted the ad, with second-degree murder. is one of many popular websites where you can advertise jobs, apartments, and relationships for free.

"I've actually acquired most of my regular customers through Craigslist," said Wendy.

Wendy is a housekeeper who has successfully advertised on Craigslist for the last four months.

"I do talk to the people a few times before I go and meet them and luckily everybody's been great," she said.

But, after the recent Minnesota murder linked to the website, she's not taking any more chances.

"We just think it's time to pull the ad so, that way, we don't take that risk," Wendy sid. "It's just kind of scary and my husband's worried about, you know, there's a lot of crazy people out there."

Wendy didn't want to show her face for security reasons, especially after some uncomfortable responses she's received from her ad over the past few days.

"I've gotten a few phone calls recently asking for personal services," she said.

"The internet is where everyone's moving to, so, it stands to reason there's going to be people out there to prey on innocent folks," said Knoxville Police Lieutenant Vince Ayub.

Lt. Ayub says there are all kinds of internet sites out there that can put you in danger if you aren't careful.

"When we're looking to sell something or we're anxious to get employment, we sometimes get tunnel vision. Don't let that happen," he warned.

Ayub recommends you check your local listings, such as the yellow or white pages, always schedule meetings in public places or at the office, take someone with you, and always tell someone when and where you're going for an interview.

"It's not worth making money to lose your life," said Wendy.

You can find safety tips for websites like Craigslist by going to the Hot Key, just click the link below.

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