Catholic Charities Says They Never Received Golf Tournament Funds

Knoxville (WVLT) - The Catholic Charities of East Tennessee says a golf tournament's claims of money donated to the charity is not true.

Catholic Charities says the Knoxville Footwedge Golf Tournament has claimed that has raised money for the charity for the past two years.

The Charity says they found out about it when a business mailed a sponsorship check to the Catholic Charities for the tournament.

Executive Director of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee Father Ragan Schriver did some internet research and says he located the Footwedge Tournament website that claimed they'd raised money for the Columbus Home group home for children.

But the charity says they've never received any money from the tournament.

Fr. Schriver contacted the tournament's founder and the website has since been taken down.

Fr. Schriver says he's concerned about those who sponsored and participated in the tournament.

He says he has no idea where the money went but says the claims that it went to the Catholic Charities is not true.

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