Couple Accused of Drinking, Doing Drugs, With 9 Month-Old in Car

Edward Houser, II, 29, and Sarah Sawyer, 25

Monroe County (WVLT) - A Monroe County couple is facing charges after police say they admitted to drinking and doing drugs before going to a fast food drive-thru, with their 9 month-old in the car with them.

Officer Bryan Stinett with the Sweetwater Police Department responded to the Hardees on Highway 68 Sunday morning to a report of a possible drunk driver with an open container in the drive thru.

The officer says both adults in the vehicle, Edward Houser, II, and Sarah Sawyer, admitted to drinking and driving and smoking marijuana before stopping at the fast food restaurant.

Officer Stinnett says Houser had an open container of alcohol in the car, along with a bag of marijuana on his person, and another bag in the car.

The officer said all of occurred with the couple's nine month-old child.

The Department of Children's Services has taken custody of the child.

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