Visiting with Victor Part 2: His Home Life

(WVLT) - Victor Ashe is well known in East Tennessee as the former Mayor of Knoxville, and around the world, as the U.S. Ambassador to Poland.

In Part 2 of "Visiting with Victor," Ashe opened up the doors of his Warsaw, Poland home to Volunteer TV's Alan Williams.

As ambassador Victor Ashe gets his daily press briefing at the U.S. Embassy, Martha and J. Victor are already in school.

His wife, Joan, is already preparing for the next reception.

J. Victor and Martha attend the American School of Warsaw.

It's made up of 900 students from around the world and much of it is like any school in East Tennessee.

"I really like rock and blues but I don't think I'll take a career in music. I am interested in engineering, though," says 17y ear-old J. Victor.

He's now over six feet tall, and in his junior year of high school.

"I want to say that this school isn't all that difficult, it is an American school and American style curriculum, we use a block schedule which I really like. I know they have that at west," he said.

They do have some comforts of home, including a gym, indoor pool, and soccer field.

The cafeteria looks more like a restaurant.

Huge portions of lasagna, chicken steak, soups and salads.

No junk foods, or soft drinks.

And, what about those polish girls?

"I'd say i'd prefer Americans," he said.

Soon-to-be 15 year-old Martha Ashe has a different take.

"It's weird to walk down the hall with people speaking Finnish, Swedish and things you don't understand, but it's fun if they know English you can talk and hang out," Martha said.

And what is it she doesn't like?

"The winters get a little depressing, it gets really dark, I'm used to growing up in Knoxville, the biggest thing I would wear is a little fleece," she said.

The Ashe home is a heavily gated and guarded red brick house.

Built in 1967, it has seven bedrooms, all on the second floor.

The lower half is strictly for entertaining.

Joan Ashe showed Alan around.

"This is the sun room, it was used to be my favorite room until we added the winter garden room because it's bright," said Joan. "We purposely wanted people to know what Tennessee was like, so we asked artists from Knoxville area, Jim Gray, Betsey Worden, Connie Roach and Richard Jolly, Ron Williams and they all gave us works of art."

Along the way, many pictures and memorabilia, including George and Laura Bush visiting the Ashe's in Knoxville, after the Ashe's marriage in 1983.

Almost every night there's a reception.

"We have the ambassador from Finland, Israel, Denmark, Cheq Republic and New Zealand here this evening," said Ambassador Ash.

One honored record-setting astronaut Shannon Lucid.

"Our great pleasure to present to you, flags of the U.S. and Tennessee, flown in space on Space Shuttle Atlantis, to the International Space Station..."

It's a piece of Tennessee in the middle of Warsaw.

Over 350 Tennesseans have come to visit, and likely many more before the Ambassador's tenure is up in 2008.

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