Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

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(WVLT) - After a young Sevier County woman suffered second degree burns in a kitchen grease fire, officials are reminding us to be careful in the kitchen.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has some tips for us.

Courtney Highley was cooking fries Monday night when he pan lit up.

She says she tried to put out the flames but dropped the pan and spilled the grease fire down her legs.

She is waiting to see doctors at the burn center in Chattanooga but she does say doctors have told her she should be able to make a full recovery.

The holiday cooking season is upon us and with the pace in the kitchen picking up, there are also risks.

the recipe for putting out most kitchen fires does not call for water.

"It won't extinguish the fire. It will spread the grease. The grease will slosh out of the pan, and the grease is still ignited. So, now you'll have several fires in your kitchen," said Captain Brent Seymour, Knoxville Fire Department.

Captain Seymour says of all the items that you can use to snuff out a fire, the fire extinguisher tops the list.

"The fire extinguisher is the number one thing to have in your house, and still keep lids nearby when you're cooking in the kitchen," he said.

Old stand-bys like baking soda have stood the test of time, but lids maybe the cleanest way to smother flames.

"The grease or oil you're cooking with becomes ignited," said Capt. Seymour. "Simply put the lid over the pan, and turn off our knob, and let the pan cool down."

Try not to move the pan.

But, if you have to, put it in the sink.

"If you have loose fitting clothing, you can get burned or your clothes can catch on fire," warned Seymour.

Where you position your fire-fighting tools is also critical.

"You don't want to put it somewhere where it's accessible. Obviously, you don't want to have it on or above your stove," he said.

Captain Seymour says you should also know your way around the kitchen so you don't get flustered in an emergency situation.

There are more safety tips available on our Hot Key, you can go there by clicking the link below.

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