Preventing Halloween Pranks

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Meanwhile, thousands of youngsters and their parents were out in the streets Wednesday for Halloween festivities while some teenagers were up to no good.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis rode along with Knoxville Police Department to see what kind of calls they'd get on All Hallow's Eve.

KPD had extra officers on the streets Wednesday. They responded to several calls while we were with them, but most of them minor.

For some people, Halloween is for more tricks than treats. Often times the tricks get out of hand, that's why patrol officer Tim Edwards is on patrol.

"Hopefully we can get down here and make our presence known and keep trick or treaters safe tonight," Edwards said.

Safety is their main concern. Officer Edwards pulled over this car checking out thier license and tag. Nothing there. Then there was Five Points Market where extra officers monitored a crowd of 3 thousand people attending a church festival and the roads.

"If we make traffic stops more see us in the neighborhood the more slow down or go someone else," Edwards said.

About 7:30 the pranksters came out and started egging stores and homes. Police padded down this suspect who they saw with the eggers to make sure he wasn't involved. He checked out clean. Edwards also had to pick up trash cans where some children threw them in the road.

"Very few calls we had some eggers, but on the whole it went very well," Edwards said.

And officers attribute the relatively calm Halloween night to the beefed up patrol.

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