Five Oak Ridge Students Place Well At Science Competition

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Atlanta (WVLT) -- The secret is out in the "Secret City."

Those Oak Ridge High Schoolers really know their science.

In fact five of them, Woody Austin, John Banks, Xinzhu Wang, Byron Jaeger and Minghui Ren, spent the weekend in on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta for the regional finals of the Siemens Competition for Math, Science and Technology.

They were split into two groups.

The first was made up of Austin, Banks and Wang.

Their project was on nano-sensors, a type of tiny sensor that could one day be used in everything from personal electronics to cancer research.

Jaeger and Ren's group tackled on of the hot button issue of the day.

"We are trying to calculate a global average temperature because the actual number hasn't been found in a mathematically rigorous way," said Jaeger, who is a senior at Oak Ridge. "We think it will help analyze global warming since there are still naysayers and there are still people trying to push the idea that its occurring. "Nobody can offer any strong mathematical evidence."

The two Oak Ridge groups finished back to back as the first and second runners up.

Each of the five students will receive a $1,000 scholarship and their school will receive a $2,000 grant.

You can read more about the Siemens Competition and Foundation by clicking on the link below.

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