Restoration House Set To Restore Hope For Single Moms

Knoxville (WVLT) -- A restored home in West Knoxville is ready to restore hope in single mothers.

The Restoration House will provide transitional housing and social support networks when its first mom moves in on Monday.

Daniel Watson and his wife, Mandy, aren't just opening doors, they're opening their hearts.

"My mom was married multiple times, but she was single most of the time," said Daniel, executive director of Restoration House. "There was a lot of abuse and definitely a low income situation."

They hope the second floor of their West Knoxville home can make a difference.

"We said we want to help single mothers," Daniel said. "We're both from single mother homes."

Restoration house is their two year long labor of love.

"What we're going to see on this property is the very life of Christ spring forth," said Andy Rittenhouse, the Minister of Domestic Missions for First Baptist Concord.

The first mother will move in on Monday.

"We provide them with transitional housing for up to two years and we work with them through a team of mentors, seven to eight mentors," Daniel said.

Lucy Creel is one of those mentors who will give her support to Restoration House residents at least once a week.

"Whether it's a letter, a phone call or, a 'hey let's take a walk in the park", maybe taking her grocery shopping, whatever it is she needs," Lucy said.

The project represents broken lives being put back together with a new home and a new start.

"There are roughly 12,000 single moms, half of them below the poverty line, living through Knox County," Rittenhouse said.

All the women placed in the house will have to be referred by Knox County Social Services.

Besides the upstairs apartment, a small house on the Watson's property will be home to another single mother and her children in January, but the commitment to single moms doesn't end here.

"At that point we'll have two families, but we are actively pursuing something to grow our capacity," said Daniel. "We're looking for an 8 to 12 unit apartment complex."

The restored house will hopefully be able to restore the hope of single-mothers.

"They really can provide for their families," Daniel said.

The Watson's hope it’s all the right encouragement that the single mothers need.

How much a single mother's stay costs will be based on her income.

The organization will also give single-moms help with permanent housing and job training.

You can find out more about the Restoration House by going to the Hot Key and clicking on the link to their website.

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