Free Flu Vaccinations in Campbell County Helping Attendance

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Campbell County (WVLT) - Flu vaccinations are boosting attendance figures in Campbell County Schools.

School officials say since St. Mary's Medical Center of Campbell County started giving free Flu Mist and Flu Shots to students and teachers, attendance has improved during flu season.

St. Mary's says it's a community service to keep its community healthy.

Students and teachers alike were praising the efforts of St. Mary's at Monday's mobile flu vaccination clinic.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has the story.

"Now, when I tell you to breath in, breath in," a nurse told a student while administering the Flu Mist.

The Flu Mist has replaced "a little stick" with "a little tickle."

"Well, the shot hurts. The Flu Mist just tickles," said Kaine Peel, a student at Valley View Elementary School, who's had both the shot and the mist.

Many people are thinking about the shot and the mist at this time of year, but are they really effective?

"I think it's very effective. Last year, St. Mary's offered Flu Mist for the first time and counties all around us were closed due to the flu, and we were able to remain in school," said Dianna Evans, nurse in the Campbell County school system.

"Actually, they say, the mist may be a little more effective than the shot," said Tarra Wilson, nurse with St. Mary's Medical Center.

It also helps boost attendance.

"The attendance has improved. You know, the students seem to be more healthy," said Valley View Elementary School Principal Steve Rutherford.

It saves parents time and money.

"This is offered free to all the students and the staff. So, that saves parents from having to take their children to the doctor, billing their insurance, or paying for it up front," said Evans

Miss Ruby is in her 56th year as a kindergarten teacher at Valley View School and says a flu shot is one of the keys to her good health.

"But if I didn't get one here, I'd get one at my doctor's office, and I've been getting them here for the last two years," said Childress.

"You're all done. Go get a sucker. Take your paper right over here," a nurse told a child while she was administering the Flu Shot.

Maybe it really is just that easy.

Saint Mary's is offering a free Adult Flu Vaccination Clinic from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 10th.

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