Fulmer: We Need To Contain Arkansas' Running Backs

Tennessee has a good attitude going into this week.

Coach Fulmer said the Vols flipped through the AR and SC film, and Fulmer said it's unbelievably impressive from an AR offensive stand-out in how they manhandled SC.

Coach Fulmer admits, McFadden is easily one of the best RB's in the country, along with Felix Jones ... 487 yards rushing in one football game is incredible in the SEC.

The two Running Backs are complimented by an excellent offensive line, qb, wr's ... AR's a diffficult football team.

6.47 yards per attempt rushing is quite impressive from AR according to Coach.

AR's Defense compliments their offense, leading the SEC in take-aways and third down production, according to Coach Fulmer.

Kicking game wise again, AR has a good group of guys, and will present a challenge to the Vols says Coach Fulmer.

Coach says, there's a lot at stake going into this game, which will be very physical.
In the SEC you've got to win at the line of scrimmage ... TN can not give-up chunks of yards, and has got to contain AR's two top running backs.

Veteran QB's playing against each-other, it'll be a good match up, says Coach Fulmer.

Coach added, It's been great to see 21 freshmen and red-shirt freshmen who have made significant contributions to the Vols so far this season, and will continue to do just that.

Coach asked a great and loud crowd Saturday, saying it's an exciting opporunity for our football team.
Tennessee is 5-0 at home, and the Vols hope to continue that into this weekend.

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