ARREST: Man Held Up Knoxville Bank With Toddler in Arms

Daniel Young robbed the SunTrust Bank inside the Kroger on Western Avenue with a child in his arms on November 7, 2007.
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Knoxville (WVLT) - A man who allegedly robbed a bank Wednesday afternoon while holding a small child in his arms is in police custody.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has the latest.

It happened at the Suntrust bank inside the Kroger on Western Avenue. Police got the call around 4 o'clock that a man had robbed the bank and that a toddler was with him.

"He just passed the note to the teller and demanded money and was carrying his child while he robbed the bank," said Knoxville Police Officer B. Anders.

An unusual looking bank robbery suspect, 21-year-old Daniel J. Young did not wear a hat, sunglasses or do anything to hide his identity. Instead, police say he carried a small child that resembled him on his hip. Police say he handed the teller a note, claiming to have a gun, but never showed it. Police say Young collected the money and fled with the 2 year old boy on foot. Among the potential charges, child endangerment could be one of them.

"That would go before the attorney general, certainly meets the criteria, obviously up to the attorney general's office to press those charges," Anders said.

Young has been charged with one count of armed robbery. Police picked him up at his apartment at 1443 Fort Promise. He was in an upstairs bedroom with the 2 year old. The toddler was not harmed and is now staying with relatives.

Daniel Young has two outstanding warrants for failure to appear. He's being interviewed this hour by police detectives. He was taken into custody without incident. His apartment was not far from the bank on Western Avenue.

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