Nutt: Our team is very confident

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (WVLT) -- The Arkansas Razorbacks are surging into Knoxville with a load of momentum after steamrolling the South Carolina defense last Saturday, rushing for 542 yards behind Darren McFadden's 321-yard effort.

The 48-36 win was the Hogs' third in a row. Coach Houston Nutt says his team is looking to expand on its recent success.

"Our team is very confident right now," Nutt said. "And I think especially offensively, with everybody hitting on all cylinders, the offensive line blocking better gives you a real chance to really build off the last game."

“There’s nothing like winning. I think they realize, and what we really try to make a point about, their preparation has been the key, their focus has been the key.”

The Razorbacks disposed of Tennessee, 31-14, last year at Razorback Stadium, a night Nutt acknowledges the Vols probably haven't forgotten.

“We’re going into a very hostile environment over 100,000 people, so concentration has to be at an even higher level,” Nutt said. “They are trying to go to Atlanta, probably in the same position we were in last year this time, and they remember the score from last year, so we have to be ready to go.”

Nutt also said McFadden's near-record performance against the Gamecocks should put his name back on the Heisman candidate list.

"When that trophy is mentioned, his name should be in the same sentence," Nutt said.

The Vols and Razorbacks kick off Saturday at 12:30. WVLT will carry the Lincoln Financial broadcast.

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