Knoxville Couple Suing Cargill Over Suspicion of E. Coli Infected Meat

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (WVLT) -- A Knoxville family has filed a federal lawsuit against Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation in U.S. District Court in Minnesota.

Jim and Georgia McDonald allege their children, John McDonald, 4, and Michaela McDonald, 1, were infected with E. Coli after eating ground beef patties manufactured by Cargill.

According to court documents, the McDonalds bought the Cargill hamburger patties in mid-September from a Sam's Club store in West Knoxville.

The lawsuit states that the children ate some of the meat on September 29th.

John McDonald got sick a few days later, and ultimately was taken to Children's Hospital and then UT Medical Center.

The lawsuit alleges that doctors at UT had to remove a portion of John McDonald's colon due to bowel necrosis.

The lawsuit states that Michaela also got sick was was taken to Children's Hospital, then to UT Medical Center.

Both children tested positive for E. coli according to the lawsuit.

The McDonald family is seeking compenssation for pain and suffering, medical costs, and physical harm.

An exact total is not listed in the lawsuit.

You can read the lawsuit by clicking on the link above.

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