Christmas Shopping In The Shadow Of Toy Recalls

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- With more and more toy recalls coming out, starting your Christmas shopping for the little ones can be a scary thought.

It can be tough to keep up with what has been recalled and the last thing you want under your Christmas tree is a toy that could seriously hurt your child.

"We go through hundreds of toys every few months,” said Amy Davis who manages

The toys will pile even higher this Christmas for Davis who is a mother of two.

"I have an 18 month old and a three and a half year old," she said.

Davis’s Website is often helping other moms deal with all of the recent toy recalls.

"We have a specific thread just for the toy recalls," she said.

Davis recommends anyone shopping for little ones this Christmas go to the Consumer Product Safety Website and sign up for e-mail alerts on every recall.

"Print out a sheet,” she said, “it tells you all the toys coming up, everything that's going on with them. That way you have a good idea of what to avoid."

Once you hit the stores, Davis says it doesn't hurt to check the toy labels.

"My recommendation would actually be to stay away from toys that are made in China,” she said. “My son brings me all of his toys for me to read the bottom and says, ‘Mommy is this made in China?’"

Davis also avoids anything suspicious looking.

"I stay away from toys that are kind of weird, you know, like toys that have chemicals in them or small parts on the inside, things like that,” she said. “I want big, bulky toys."

And while you may be extra cautious at the checkout, grandma and grandpa may only think about spoiling the grandkids.

"Grandparents have a tendency to grab the latest, greatest toy, whatever they think the grandkids would absolutely love and a lot of times that is one of the dangerous ones," Davis said.

That's why before your children get the toys in their hands, you should know if it's on a list that could hurt them.

"Stay on top of it as best you can," she said. "It's not worth risking. Our children are our number one priority."

Toys-R-Us issued this statement to us saying:

"We are wholly committed to the safety of the children and families we serve and we have reiterated that simple single fact to our suppliers. We will continue to take swift and decisive action to protect our customers in all matters concerning product safety."

Target tells us, quote, "We work closely with our vendors and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure our guests are notified about the recalls. We notify our stores and ask them to remove the product from our shelves."

If you've been affected by one of these recalled toys, we'd like to tell your story.

Give us a call in the WVLT newsroom at 865-766-8154.

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