Could Knox County Do Away With the Wheel Tax

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Knoxville (WVLT) - With high gas prices and a struggling housing market, Knox County Commissioners are discussing possibly doing away with the wheel tax.

WVLT Volunteer TV'z Liz Tedone has the details.

The idea was talked about in a recent meeting between commissioners. The Knox County wheel tax makes up for 12 million dollars in revenue. Commissioner Greg Lambert says at one point he was an opponent of the wheel tax, but now it's not that easy to take that money out of the budget.

"Of course we are in the middle of a budget year, and that money is committed for a certain amount of time. We've already made obligations for it," Knox County Commissioner Greg Lambert said.

Several road and school projects, including the renovations at Powell Middle School have been paid for with the county's wheel tax money. The commission will make plans to address the issue after new members have been put in place. The projected date for a new commission is January.

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