Ashley Paine's Heart Transplanted To Another 12 Year Old East Tennessee Girl

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Oak Ridge (WVLT) -- As an Oak Ridge family is still mourning the loss of 12 year old Ashley Paine, who died over the weekend following a bus accident.

Meanwhile, the family of Jordan Hensley who lives less than 30 miles away is rejoicing.

Jordan received the gift of life in Ashley's death.

The Hensley family says this couldn't be anything else but God's plan.

Jordan Hensley of Kingston who is also 12 was born with congenitally corrected transposition, a condition that means her heart was basically backward.

The day Ashley was killed, Jordan was in a Vanderbilt Hospital bed waiting and praying for a perfect match to give her a heart transplant.

"Her aorta, her pulmonary and both ventricles were switched," said Jessica Hensley, Jordan’s mother.

Jordan had her first open heart surgery at seven years old and this October doctors found her heart function suddenly getting worse.

"When they went in to do the heart cath, they said they had to stop because her heart was just in such poor shape that they were afraid it might kill her," Jessica said.

She put Jordan on prayer lists for a heart transplant across the country and says it worked.

"On October 30th she got listed on the National Registry for Transplants," said Jessica.

Nine days later, Ashley Paine was hit by a school bus in Oak Ridge and died on Sunday.

Jordan’s mother read about the incident in the paper over the weekend.

"It never once crossed my mind about my daughter's heart, because as a mother I was grieving for that mother," said Jessica

Less than less than 24 hours later, Jessica received a phone call from Jordan at Vanderbilt Hospital that she say’s she'll never forget.

"One o'clock the phone rings and Jordan said, ‘Momma they got me a heart,’” said Jessica Hensley, Jordan’s mother. “I said, ‘what’ and she said ‘yes, I'm so happy and the doctor is about to call you!’"

On Monday, Jordan went through her heart transplant with flying colors.

"She said, ‘Momma, I feel so good,’” Jessica said. “My daughter has never, ever in her life told me that she feels good."

Jessica then asked her doctor whose heart it was that saved her daughter's life...

"The only thing she could tell me is it came from a 12 year old girl here in Tennessee and not far away," she said.

Turned out to be less than 30 miles apart, from Oak Ridge to Kingston.

12 year old Ashley Paine gave her heart to Jordan Hensley...

"It just broke my heart,” Jessica said. “I was very happy for my daughter, but my heart just ached for that family."

Jessica spoke to Ashley's mother for the first time on Tuesday night.

“I just told her I am so thankful for what her family did for ours and I wish there was something I could do for her," she said.

A part of Ashley now forever lives in Jordan.

"I believe everybody here has a purpose and I think that Ashley's purpose was to help others," Jessica said.

Jordan’s mom will be attending Ashley's funeral on Thursday and meeting her mother.

Ashley's mother says she wants to meet Jordan when she gets out of the hospital, that's expected to happen by Christmas.

WVLT will have a crew in Nashville on Thursday and we will bring you much more on this heart warming story.

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