Houston Brothers Return To Court

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Kingston, Roane County (WVLT) -- The Roane County brothers accused of killing a deputy and his ride along partner during a shoot out returned to court on Thursday and asked the judge to reduce their bond.

Rocky and Leon Houston face first degree murder and felony murder charges from the May 2006 shooting death of Deputy Bill Jones and Mike Brown.

After spending more than 18 months in jail with bond set at $950,000 each, the Houston brothers asked the court to set a more reasonable bond.

At the new bond hearing on Thursday afternoon, defense attorneys called several witnesses including, the Houston’s' longtime pastor, Rocky Houston's wife Nancy, Clyde Houston, the defendant's father and their neighbors.

Defense attorneys attempted to show the Houston’s longtime ties to Roane County and that they have always shown up to court.

The state said Rocky Houston missed court on a previous charge and based on that they're asking bond be denied.

Judge James Buddy Scott is weighing what all the witnesses are saying and considering portions of a written transcript of the previous bond hearing.

The dispute at trial will be how the shoot out began.

Were the two officers fired on by the Houston’s as they approached to serve a warrant or did officers shoot first as they approached?

More motions will be considered on December 17th.

The state has not yet filed a new notice of intent to seek the death penalty since the most recent indictments were handed down.

They could do that up to 30 days before the trail which has not been set.

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