Jordon Hensley Grateful For Heart

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Nashville (WVLT) -- As an Anderson County family is preparing for the funeral of Ashley Paine, who was killed by a school bus in Oak Ridge this weekend, a Kingston family is by their daughter's bedside as she recovers from surgery to implant the heart she received from Ashley.

Jordon is doing very well right now.

She had her heart transplant on Monday and was moved out of the intensive care unit and onto a regular floor today.

As you can imagine, the Hensley family is dealing with a lot of different emotions right now, especially young Jordon.

“I feel good to have Ashley's heart, but then I feel really bad because her parents lost her and it saved my life,” said Jordon.

The 12 year old is alive today because of the new heart that beats within her, the spirit of 12 year old Ashley Paine inside.

“I don’t really know her, I just know that she’s the same age as me and she lives in Tennessee,” she said.

Jordon’s parents Jessica and Phil say they're outgoing talkative daughter just isn't herself right now.

“She’s a little bit closed up right now and I think a lot of it is taking in the fact that she’s happy she has a heart and she’s very thankful to the Paine’s,” said Jessica. “I think she feels a little bit like ‘I have a life because another 12 year old had to die’ and I think that's affecting her.”

“I’ve worried if this wasn't too much for her take in knowing the tragedy and it’s so close to home,” said Phil.

Both Jessica and Phil are attending Ashley's funeral tonight.

Jordon says she can’t wait to meet Ashley's parents

“I want to give them a humongous hug,” Jordon said.

Jordon tells us that being able to run around is what she looks forward to most with her new heart.

“I just mainly want to keep up with my friends,” she said.

Her Cherokee Middle School friends have been pulling for her from day one.

“They just always tell me that they're praying for me and stuff,” she said.

Jordon's dream has always been to play for the Lady Vols.

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