Heart Transplant Recipient Gets Special Message from Lady Vols

Jordon Hensley, 12, recovers from heart transplant surgery

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Jordon Hensley, 12, got through a heart transplant with flying colors earlier this week.

Doctors say she should be moved to the Ronald McDonald House by Thanksgiving.

If it all goes well she'll be home in Kingston for Christmas.

Yesterday we found out that it's always been Jordon's dream to play for the Lady Vols and we made a special arrangement for her from Tampa.

"We hope you get well soon!"

That message from Lady Vol head basketball coach Pat Summitt to Jordon Hensley, in her hospital room in Nashville.

Candace Parker went one step further, "Jordon this game is for you tonight,"

"It's pretty cool," Jordan says.

"She's told us since she's been old enough to watch TV and watch Pat Summitt that she's going to play at UT," Jordon's mother Jessica said. "She's going to be a part of the basketball team one way or another. Towel girl, whatever."

Because of Jordon's congenitally corrected transposition heart condition she's never been able to be the athlete she dreams of.

"I just mainly want to keep up with my friends," Jordon said.

Ashley Paine, 12, was very athletic and Jordon and her parents couldn't be more grateful to the Paine family for this bitter sweet organ donation.

"I want to give them an enourmous hug," Jordon told us. "I feel good to have Ashley's heart but then i feel really bad because her parents lost her and it saved my life.

"I'm happy one second and then i think about Ashley and her mom and dad and I'm not so happy," Jessica said in Nahsville today.

The Hensleys want this to serve as a reminder to become an organ donor

"Look at what it does to families. Its' helped Laurie and Donnie feel like they've done something good after the tragedy of their daughter and it saved our daughter's life.

Jordon's parents are in Oak Ridge to attend Ashley's funeral.
Jordon tells us she can't wait to meet the Paine family as soon as she's out of the hospital.

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