Holiday Bureau Making Season Brighter for the Less Fortunate

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas not long after that, it's easy to have visions of pricey gifts dance in your head.

Volunteer TV reporter Lauren Davis and Photojournalist Jason Tighe bring us the details.

But for some of our area's less fortunate, a $35 food certificate, and some warm clothing are the essential treasures the Anderson County Holiday Bureau hopes will turn a season of hardship into a celebration of life.

The need of Anderson County's underprivileged is as obvious as opening one's eyes.

"People come in and they've been sick. They've lost their job. They have children. Sometimes they say they wouldn't have a Christmas if we didn't give them toys," said Jeanne Dean with Holiday Bureau.

"I've got some coats for my little boys and that really helps a lot. These people are some good people," said Nick Green.

The Green family is seeing the kind of generosity that others have experienced for six decades.

"From what they tell us, we're making quite a bit of difference," said Dean. "It's pretty important. Cause you know everything so high now. Gas and everything else. So if you can get something free, that's pretty good."

Colder temperatures strengthens the need for warmer clothes.

Necessities easily overlooked or even taken for granted.

A room filled with up by a community's outpouring of love.

As for the exact number of items given...

"I can't imagine. We had boxes and boxes. You can see on our tables, the things that we have out," said Dean.

Young and old alike can certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness being in holiday seasons' spirit can conjure.

Even if the calendar has yet to catch up.

"I do like helping people. And they seem to appreciate it," said Dean.

"It still be Christmas 'cause you know Christmas isn't about giving and receiving. It's about being with your family," said Green.

The Holiday Bureau is a non-profit organization started around 1945, ran entirely on monetary and other donations from their giving neighbors.

The group aid's people year round.

To help out, contact them at 865-483-7831.

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