KARM Volunteers Pack Up Thanksgiving Baskets for the Needy

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Helping hands have given hundreds of needy East Tennessee families the Thanksgiving feast they would've gone without.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has the details.

On Saturday, the Knox Area Rescue Ministries began handing out 1,200 Thanksgiving baskets.

Inside was enough food for a family of six, including a full turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie mix.

For Amy Miller, it almost wasn't a happy Thanksgiving at all.

"The holiday's are always rough for us," said Miller

But the baskets have put many thanks in Thanksgiving for the single-mom and her two girls.

"We ain't got no more family. So it's hard telling. I'd make sure they'd have some, but it wouldn't be like it is with the baskets," said Miller.

The Millers are one of the hundreds of families who lined up outside Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

"This will be our annual Thanksgiving basket day giveaway," said Burt Rosen, KARM president.

They're giving away 12 hundred boxes, with 12 hundred turkeys, to 12 hundred families in need.

"It's a feeling that other people care about you," said Miller.

Each box has stuffing, pumpkin pie mix, mashed potatoes, and much more.

It's a Thanksgiving feast these families might not have had otherwise.

The number of families wanting to get their hands on a box has grown.

"Four years ago when I came here, we were serving around 800 meals a day. Now we're averaging well over a thousand, sometimes upwards of 1400," said Rosen.

"I'm helping families carry turkeys and boxes of goods for Thanksgiving dinner to their car," said volunteer Kelly Roache.

Roache is one of about 100 volunteers helping out.

"Seeing families faces just light up, knowing they get to have that Thanksgiving dinner, it's really satisfying," said Roache.

It's holiday spirit passed out by the pound.

"Thank you and I hope you have a great holiday, because you've made our holiday better," Amy Miller said to the KARM volunteers.

All families who received baskets had to apply.

But on Thanksgiving day, KARM will hold it's annual "Tent of Hope."

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