Owner of Pit Bulls Speaks to WVLT

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The owner of those pit bulls responsible for the death of a Knox County woman says he's lost everything. Friday afternoon, the adult female dog involved in the attack was euthanized. So were with her three pups.

The female and a male pit bull attacked 21-year-old Jennifer Lowe last Monday. Sheriff deputies shot and killed the male. The dogs' owner, Charles Smallwood, gave up his rights to his other dogs on Friday.

He spoke with Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy.

Such a story of loss for so many people. Charles Smallwood says six of his best friends are gone forever: Jennifer Lowe in the brutal attack, now all five dogs.
A heart wrenching decision he says was the right choice.

The dogs he loved so much now causing so much heartache.

"It's something no man, no woman, no person on earth should have to go through," Smallwood said.

One week ago today Charles Smallwood's two adult pit bulls mauled 21-year-old Jennifer Lowe in his Sam Lee Road Trailer. She later died.

"Jennifer lost her life. I might still be living, but I've lost mine too," Smallwood said.

A video on his phone and pictures are all that's left of the dogs. Sheriffs officers shot and killed the adult male, named Mafia.

"Mr. Smallwood came into the animal center and owner surrendered all the pit bulls to us, which makes them our property," said Tim Adams from Young-Williams Animal Center.

Officers captured the female, named Passion and seized three pups about five months old. Friday they were put down at Young-Williams Animal Center.

"Because they were in the trailer that day and we can't prove or disprove they were part of the attack," Adams said.

"It was the right thing for society to know it wasn't that I was trying to protect my dogs or defend them because there's no defense for it," Smallwood said.

Leaving the dogs caged still wasn't easy.

"I cried. I was heart broken. What else can you do? They were like my kids," Smallwood said.

Kids that took away Jennifer.

"When I had something wrong that's who'd I talk to, and I ain't got that no more. I ain't got nothing," Smallwood said.

...branded him...

"I've been called a murderer at gas stations. I was told at a gas station in Oak Ridge, 'Get Out. We don't serve murderers,'" Smallwood said.

...and left him in fear.

"Death threats come to me constantly. I'll pick up the phone, it's restricted. You're dead. Ok--I don't want to fight with them," Smallwood said.

As for what happened that day inside his trailer...

"The only ones that know are the dogs, Jennifer, and God. That's it," Smallwood said.

Now he's only got one of those three.

Smallwood could've appealed the decision to designate his dogs "viscous." He says this was the only right choice.

Sunday night was his first night back in trailer since the attack. He says he couldn't get a wink of sleep. He knows he's not the only one aching and says if he could do anything to bring Jennifer back, he would.

Prosecutor Randy Nichols has said he doesn't expect any charges against Smallwood.

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