Johnia Berry Murder Suspect in Court

Knox County (WVLT) -- The man charged in the death of Johnia Berry appeared in a Knox County courtroom on some charges in connection with the case.

Taylor Lee Olson's attorney, Greg Isaacs, and District Attorney General Randy Nichols announced that Olson agreed to waive his preliminary hearing for theft and burglary charges, in exchange for the state agreeing to provide additional evidence to the defense.

Last week, Olson's attorney filed a motion asking for more information on a man named Noah Cox, an acquaintance of Olson's with a long criminal history.

Johnia's mother, Joan Berry, met with prosecutors on Monday about the case.

She tells Volunteer TV she isn't surprised that there may have been more people involved in her daughter's murder.

But she says she still believes that Olson is guilty, especially after his comments in front of the media after his arrest, in which he's heard saying "I'm sorry...I never meant for this to happen."

"There could be more people involved, we really don't know, we really don't have any idea. I Just feel like he had his chance to say he didn't do it, and he said he did it," said Joan Berry. "We want justice no matter how many people are involved, we want everybody held accountable."

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