Community Members Sending Out Prayers After Deadly Crash

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Maryville (WVLT) -- Communities across East Tennessee are reacting after one young man was killed and two others critically injured in a car accident on the campus of Maryville College.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy and Rob Pratt bring us more details on the men involved in Monday night's crash.

Cody Bowers, who died in the crash, and Trey Lefler, who was seriously hurt, were both football standouts at Loudon High School.

Both boys were standouts for the Loudon Redskins in the late 90s.

Cody at quarterback and Trey as one of his receivers.

Everyone from the teachers to the office staff have found memories of these two athletes.

All are shocked and devastated by Monday night's accident.

Teachers say Cody and Trey were as all American as you can get; great athletes and great student.

Cody graduated in the top 25 of his class.

After their senior year, Trey held the single-season receiving record.

Loudon High School's head coach Jeff Harig says the pair was under-sized, but over-achievers.

They both were about 5 foot 8, but never let their size get in the way of the game.

Cody and Trey led the team to the state quarter finals in 1999-2000.

Harig says that's an achievement Loudon High School football wouldn't do again for five years.

But they also excelled off the field in the classroom.

Their junior-year history teacher says they were both straight-A students.

And the kind teachers hate to say goodbye to.

"As time's gone on I looked forward to seeing them when they come back for football games at the school. I always made it a point of seeing them, asking how they're lives are going," said history teacher John Napier.

After high school, Lefler spent time working for United States Senator Lamar Alexander, where he served as a press secretary.

His sister, Lara Lefler, is the press secretary for Tennessee's other United States Senator, Bob Corker.

Volunteer TV caught up with Senator Alexander, who was visibly emotional as he reacted to the news of the news.

"He and his sister both worked for me. He has been working with my senate campaign. I have a son about his age, so I hope he's ok," said Senator Alexander.

Lambert graduated from Maryville College earlier this year.

Matthew Lambert was also hurt in the crash.

Karen Adams with Maryville College tells us that he was a music major there and a Bonner Scholar.

He also sang in the concert choir.

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