Airport Officials Offer Tips To Make Your Trip Hassle Free

(WVLT) - If you're flying somewhere for the holidays, there are a few things to remember to make your trip through airport security a smooth one.

Many people wonder if they should wrap presents that you are packing in checked luggage.

Airport officials say save your self some time and trouble and leave them unwrapped, because if they're alerted during screening, airport security will have to unwrap the presents themselves..

Airport workers also have other advice for getting through security faster.

"Also shoes, wear slip on shoes. Things that can be easily slipped on and off. They're going to ask you to take your shoes off so if you can slip them off easily its going to make things much smoother at the checkpoint.", said Beth Baker, McGhee Tyson Airport spokesperson.

Another tip to get you through the line quicker, keep any kind of metal at home.

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